Pictured to the left is one of our recent installation of a RUUD gas furnace and evaporator coil. When connected to operate with a RUUD outdoor heat pump condenser, the installed system will provide the consumer with the chioce of operating with the fuel that offers the lowest cost. This is what we mean when we describe the term DUAL FUEL.
In this installation with fuel cost for L.P. gas running about $2.00 plus per gallon, the new operating cost will compare to about $.89. By using the heat pump as the primary heat source the operational cost savings of this magnitude will provide the user with valuable returns on the investment . In this instance the savings in operational cost will be about $1.11 less costly per gallon of fuel.
The key is to allow the outdoor heat pump do most of the work and allow the furnace to provide additional heat as needed. The system is controled by a two stage thermostat with the heat pump being the primary first stage and the gas furnace operating only as needed on the 2nd stage. Temperature and pressure controls that allow for this type of operation have been installed.
To your left is the furnace firing under the control of the 2nd stage thermostat. However, the firiing time will be brief and will occur only in low outdoor temperatures or when the heat pump is not adequate or initiates a defrost cycle. As soon as the set temperature of the 2nd stage is met, the furnace burners will shut down. All during this time the heat pump is operating under the 1st stage of the thermostat and at the lowest fuel cost. The heat pump will continue operation until the conditioned space temperature is satisfied.
The cooling cycle will utilize the indoor furnace for air delivery and the evaporator coil and outdoor heat pump. Note: that the heat pump operates year round providing heat or cooling as needed.
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